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La Bella Managua Presents Traditional Nicaraguan Dishes







La bella managua is an unrated Nicaraguan cusine Restaurant in the area around Ossington Ave and Bloor St W, where the average rating for Restaurants as of this month is 5.0 out of 5.
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  • Francisco Bojorge Toronto 14 Nov 2014
    This is a really great place, the food is just finger licking good, and the staff are courteous and friendly, I would definitely recommend it to any one of my friends or anybody who wants to try something different for a change
    citizen from Toronto
  • Jackie Lee San Francisco, USA 04 Nov 2014
    This is place is really amazing! I went here during my vacation, and it was very memorable!
    Software engineer
  • D R Toronto 31 Jul 2014
    One of the best restaurants in the city. Really great food, delicious! A regular stop for our family and friends.
    One happy satisfied customer!
  • Patricia Arauz Cambridge 05 May 2014
    I've been to this restaurant about 1000 times and id go back 1000 times more!! I leave extremely satisfied after every meal! The food is always so tasty and cooked just right!!! Their portions are extremely generous! The staff is always super friendly and accommodating, especially with my family since we always go in large numbers! Whenever we are in Toronto and are hungry for delicious food no other restaurant crosses our mind except La Bella Managua! There is just no need to go anywhere else!
  • Samantha Caldeira-Slavec Canada 30 Mar 2014
    La Bella Managua is my at-home connection to Nicaragua. After going to Nicaragua to work on two community development projects, Bella Managua is the place where I can relive the culture and food, which is absolutely delicious by the way!
    President of The York-Glendon Global Issues Group
  • Mari Toronto 09 Jan 2014
    The food is fantastic and very authentic. The decorations are beautiful and the service is great! Love Nicaragua food!
    UofT Student
  • Rommel Pravia Toronto 08 Jan 2014
    My favorite place to eat traditional Nicaraguan food in Toronto!
    I am from Nicaragua and live in Toronto.
  • Giovanni Martinez Scarborough 01 Sep 2013
    In my opinion this is the best latin restaurant to dine in Toronto. The food menu is great and very friendly staff. I give 10 out of 10. Highly recommend this restaurant.
  • Franklin Serrano Toronto, ON 25 Jul 2013
    I have eating at over 100 restaurants around the world, but never at one like La Bella Managua by far one of the best Latin American restaurant in Toronto, with a friendly staff and many delicious dishes to enjoy and a great family atmosphere. a few minutes from downtown Toronto great location easy to get to from your hotel so for all those tourist visit Toronto, want to personally invited you to drop by and get a meal or two while you vacation and also to those who like my self are single rather eat out than cook or have a family on a budget make your weekend one to remember!
    I am the Founder and CEO of El Castor Network
  • Francisco J. Bojorge Toronto, ON 03 Jun 2013
    The food that comes out of the restaurant is not only great because it represents part of our Nicaraguan culture, the food itself is just pretty amazing, thank you for representing nuestra Nicaraguita amigo, saludes.
    My work makes a different in children's lives.
  • Lissy Toronto 25 May 2013
    I went there for dessert yesterday. Their tres leches pastel (three milk cake) was the best. Creamy, rich, delicious. I would go all the way there again just for that. The restaurant is beautifully decorated. The service is good.
  • Jessica Waterloo, Ontario 25 Feb 2013
    I just went to La Bella Managua and it was amazing. I lived and volunteered in Nicaragua 4 years ago and recently had a reunion in Toronto with all the volunteers. We went to La Bella Managua for dinner and it felt like we were right back in the country! Food and staff are excellent!!
    University employee
  • Oscar Norori Toronto 03 Dec 2010
    This is a great restaurant. The food is excellent and the portions are very generous. Thank you for giving us a little piece of Nicaragua.
    Oscar Norori
  • R. I. Toronto 01 Jan 2011
    We recently visited Nicaragua, we stayed in Granada since we we were working with some cooperatives just outside the city at the base the Mombacho Volcano. The other half of trip we took it easy on the Pacific Coast around 12km south of San Juan del Sur, Playa Yankee it was paradise! We wanted to recapture the flavors we enjoyed while away and visited La Bella Managua when we returned. It was amazing, we have found a new favorite restaurant the city and will dine here again and again!
    R. I.
  • Jose Antonio Vivas Toronto 21 Aug 2012
    This restaurant can be summed up in 1 word: INCREDIBLE! I am a Canadian-Nicaraguan and Chef Jesus and his staff has done an amazing job at brining the culinary treasures and delights of Nicaragua to Toronto Canada. Being Authentic in his cooking methods, my family and I are willing to do the 30 minute commute to eat at this restaurant. Having tried every item on the menu, I have to say that there are no negative comments, only POSITIVE. You can taste the freshness of the ingredients, the PASSION in its preparation, all served in a well presented plate. The portions are more than enough at a reasonable price and the environment will make it feel as if you are eating in the Nicaraguan Countryside. I encourage you to visit LA BELLA MANAGUA and experience all that it has to offer. Taste the passion and VIVA NICARAGUA Jose Antonio (El C'mon)
  • Cindy Cowan Toronto 19 Feb 2012
    One of my favourite places for dining, fantastic food, great prices and wonderful service and atmosphere. There has been nothing that disappoints on menu and love love the desserts!!!! Thank you
    Cindy Cowan
  • Mel Mar Toronto 08 Apr 2012
    Great Service and great food. I highly recommend this place and will go back again :) :) Thank you
    Mel Mar
  • Hazel Acuna Toronto 14 Apr 2012
    I love this place! Since I was a child I've been going to many restaurants looking for some authentic hispanic entrees. For the past 4 years Mi Bella Managua has one its place in my books for the BEST place to eat carne asada, I have it every year on my birthday! They serve great portions, fresh greens, and savory meat. There is a plate for everyone's tastebuds here.
    Hazel Acuna
  • Margie Akins Toronto 18 May 2012
    I LOVE this restaurant. I come here for any special occasion. The food is delicious, everybody is friendly, the price can't be beat! I recommend this restaurant to all my friends.
  • John Gloucester Canada 14 Jun 2012
    Great food & service. Very helpful staff is you are eating there for the first time. Close to the Ossington TTC Subway Station, therefor can be found on the website www.wineanddinethesubway.com So one can Wine & Dine The Better Way, Cheers
    Subway Gourmet









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